Photography Projects

Our projects focus on conservation, historic preservation, and creating awareness for environmental stewardship. And they range from documenting abandoned 1800s farm settlements in the New Hampshire White Mountains to using repeat photography to show the human impact that is being done to the environment. The goal of every project is to produce a unique series of photographs that create awareness for any given topic. Below are a few subjects Erin Paul is currently documenting.


East Branch & Lincoln Railroad - Lincoln, New Hampshire

East Branch & Lincoln Railroad

East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, New Hampshire; this work focuses on the landscape of the railroad in its current state. Built by the timber baron James E. Henry, this was a logging railroad in operation from 1893-1948 in the New Hampshire White Mountains. Much of the railroad was located in today's Pemigewasset Wilderness. Once known as Henry’s Woods, the 45,000-acres that make up the Pemigewasset Wilderness is a backcountry hikers paradise. Almost every trail in this designated wilderness area follows or utilizes sections of the ...
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Abandoned Hill Farm Community - Thornton Gore, New Hampshire

Abandoned Settlements

This is a long term documentary project that focuses on the abandoned villages, granite quarries, lost mountain settlements, and forgotten 19th century hill farming communities that are scattered throughout the New Hampshire White Mountains. Many of these communities were abandoned in the early 1900s. And today the cellar holes, graveyards, and stone walls that remain in the forest help tell the story of a long forgotten era. The intent of this project is to create awareness for historical preservation in the White Mountain National Forest ...
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Trail Blazing - Mt Tecumseh Trail, New Hampshire

Trail Maintenance, Blazing

Poor trail stewardship practices were used to remove this painted trail blaze from a tree along the Mt Tecumseh Trail, New Hampshire - causing the tree wound. A trail blaze was painted on this tree in 2011, and then it was removed from the tree in the spring of 2012. The bark, where the blaze was, was cut and peeled away creating a tree wound where rot, fungus, and insects could enter the tree. Forest Service is responsible for maintaining this trail, and they do ...
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Ongoing Work


Abandoned - Thornton, New Hampshire

White Mountains History

White Mountains, New Hampshire history - With outdoor recreation at an all-time high in the White Mountains, it is important to create awareness for the region's history. The more history we know about an area, the more attached we become to the area. This work showcases the abandoned places, forgotten 19th-century farming settlements, ghost towns, railroads, and tourism history (hiking, grand resorts, Mount Washington, waterfalls, etc.) in the White Mountain National Forest and the surrounding region. Forgotten places help tell the fascinating story of the ...
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Mount Osceola - White Mountains, New Hampshire

Conservation, New Hampshire

Conservation photography in New Hampshire; this work focuses on land stewardship and issues surrounding public lands (environmental issues, human impact, trail stewardship, etc.) in the New Hampshire White Mountains. In this social media era that we live in, outdoor recreation in the White Mountains has skyrocketed to the point where conserving the White Mountains for future generations is a constant topic of discussion. This body of work creates awareness for issues in the White Mountains, and promotes positive land stewardship practices ...
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