Human Impact on Nature

These photography projects focus on human impact in the New Hampshire White Mountains. With all the recreational opportunities available in the White Mountains the impact on nature has increased significantly. But the impact goes far beyond trail erosion and highway litter. Over the last decade a new type of outdoor enthusiast, one who feels entitled to leave their mark in nature, has emerged and is causing havoc in the White Mountains. This work creates awareness for conserving nature.


Human impact, camping Impact

Backcountry Camping Impact

This photography project focuses on backcountry camping impact in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Some areas are being littered with trash and are showing signs of surface erosion from heavy usage. And in other areas campsites are completely abandoned; campers are leaving all they're camping gear behind in the forest, and this eventually turns into a big mess that someone has to pick up. In other areas of the White Mountain National Forest, campers are cutting young healthy trees down to build tent platforms. This project creates awareness for the poor leave no trace practices some campers are using when camping in the White Mountains. Scenes include; campfires left unattended, trash thrown in the woods, and damage to the forest. More outdoor education courses will help with this problem. [Read more] | [View photos].


Mount Tecumseh, New Hampshire

Human Impact on Nature

This photography work focuses on the numerous ways humans impact nature. Every day beautiful landscape photos of the New Hampshire White Mountains are posted on the social networking websites, and this creates a false belief that the White Mountain National Forest is in a state of pristine condition that will never change. And this is far from the truth – every day a little more damage is done to the White Mountains environment. In order to conserve the White Mountains for future generations to enjoy, we have to be realists when it comes to the impact being done to nature. Though unflattering and upsetting to some these photos are effective for creating awareness for the impact that we have on nature. Why are they effective? They reveal what is happening to the White Mountain National Forest. [Read more] | [View photos].


Mt Tecumseh, New Hampshire

Human Impact, Mt Tecumseh

This documentary work focuses on Mt Tecumseh in the New Hampshire White Mountains. Up until 2011, this was a dormant mountain, but something changed, and there has been an array of issues. A few of the more concerning issues include poor trail stewardship practices, vandalism on the summit that could be damaging rare bird habitat, and there has been an excessive amount of stonework done on the Mt Tecumseh Trail. Since 2011, Erin Paul has been documenting Mt Tecumseh, and these photographs tell the story. And the information included with this work is based on leave no trace principles, low-impact trail building practices, and communications with Forest Service. However, in this new era of hiking, some hikers feel this type of impact to the White Mountains environment is perfectly acceptable. [Read more].


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