Abandoned Places

Abandoned places in the New Hampshire White Mountains. This work focuses on the abandoned villages, granite quarries, lost mountain settlements, and forgotten 19th century hill farming communities that are scattered throughout the White Mountains. Many of these communities were abandoned in the early 1900s. And today the cellar holes, graveyards, and stone walls that remain in the forest help tell the story of a long forgotten era.


Identifying Artifacts, White Mountains

Logging Camp - Sawyer River Railroad, New Hampshire
Identifying Historical Artifacts, White Mountains - If you are picking up trash in the New Hampshire White Mountains during the 2020 human impact issue, please educate yourself about historical artifacts and the laws that protect them. I now know of two instances where do-gooders picking up trash removed artifacts, thinking ...

Abandoned Mills, White Mountains

East Branch of the Pemigewasset River - Lincoln, New Hampshire
Abandoned Mills, White Mountains - During the 1800s and early 1900s, cut-up mills, grist mills, sawmills, and various other types of mills were found throughout New Hampshire. And because of the abundance of water in the White Mountains, there was no shortage of water-powered mills in the region. This blog ...

Crawford House, Gibbs Brook Dam

Gibbs Brook Dam - White Mountains, New Hampshire
Crawford House, Gibbs Brook Dam - If you're familiar with New Hampshire’s grand resort era then you know the historic Crawford House in Carroll. Abel Crawford and his son, Ethan Allen Crawford built the first Crawford House, known as the Notch House, in 1828. Fire would destroy the Notch ...

Village of Wildwood, New Hampshire

Wildwood Settlement - Easton, New Hampshire
Village of Wildwood, New Hampshire - When it comes to the abandoned villages in New Hampshire, the logging village of Livermore is often included in the conversation. But, the story of the lesser known village of Wildwood is a fascinating piece of White Mountains history. The area known as Wildwood ...

Thornton Gore Hill Farming Settlement

Abandoned Hill Farm Community - Thornton Gore, New Hampshire
Thornton Gore Hill Farming Settlement - The abandoned Thornton Gore settlement is in the New Hampshire White Mountains. Many consider Thornton Gore or the "Gore” to be the northern section of Thornton in the area of where Talford and Eastman Brooks meet. This area of Thornton Gore had a number ...

Historic Stone Structures, White Mountains

Mount Lafayette Summit House - New Hampshire
Historic Stone Structures, White Mountains - In my work documenting historic sites in the New Hampshire White Mountains I have photographed some interesting and unique stone structures. Visiting an abandoned 1800s homestead in the middle of the forest is a surreal experience. And today I want to share with you ...

Preserve History, Don’t Remove Artifacts

Charles B. Keyser Homesite - Benton, New Hampshire USA
Don't Remove Historic Artifacts - Here in the New Hampshire White Mountains, outdoor recreation is growing at an alarming rate. And there has been a huge surge of people exploring the many historical sites that are in the region. For historic preservation to be successful, it is imperative that we ...

Abandoned Dug Wells, White Mountains

The Samuel Wallace Farm - Sandwich Notch, New Hampshire
Abandoned Dug Wells, White Mountains – Today’s blog article focuses on a keyword search term. I chose one search term in this case “abandoned dug well” and searched my image archive for imagery that represents this subject matter. These keyword searches help identify the subject matter I need more coverage ...

Abandoned Bemis Granite Quarry

Bemis Granite Quarry - Harts Location, New Hampshire
Abandoned Bemis Granite Quarry - I recently photographed the forgotten Bemis Granite Quarry in Hart's Location, New Hampshire. This quarry, located along the Sawyer River (above), is small when compared to other quarries, such as the Redstone Granite Quarry, but the history attached to it is intriguing....[Continue reading] ...

Five Historic Sites To Visit, White Mountains

Abandoned town of Livermore
Five Historic Sites, White Mountains - Many historic sites in the New Hampshire White Mountains are well known among locals and tourists while others remain forgotten deep in the forest and probably will never be rediscovered. The known sites can help create awareness for historic preservation....[Continue reading] ...

Village of Livermore, New Hampshire

Village of Livermore, New Hampshire
Village of Livermore, New Hampshire - The abandoned logging village of Livermore is in the New Hampshire White Mountains. Incorporated by the state of New Hampshire in 1876, Livermore was a logging town in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The village was located along the Sawyer River Railroad, ...

Sandwich Notch Hill Farming Community

The John Hart Home Site - Sandwich Notch Road, New Hampshire
Sandwich Notch Hill Farming Community – The abandoned Sandwich Notch hill farming settlement is in the New Hampshire White Mountains. During the early nineteenth century, thirty to forty families lived in Sandwich Notch. A few Notch farms did strive, but the rocky terrain of Sandwich Notch was poor for farming, ...

Abandoned Redstone Granite Quarry

Redstone Granite Quarry - Conway, New Hampshire USA
Redstone Granite Quarry, New Hampshire - The Redstone Granite Quarry is an abandoned granite quarry on the side of Rattlesnake Mountain in Redstone, New Hampshire (part of the town of Conway). The quarry opened in the late eighteen hundreds, closed in the nineteen forties and at one time employed over ...

Abandoned Elbow Pond Community

Elbow Pond during the autumn months in Woodstock, New Hampshire
Abandoned Elbow Pond Community - A few years ago, I documented the abandoned Elbow Pond cabin community in Woodstock, New Hampshire. This small community was in the area immediately surrounding Elbow Pond, and should not to be confused with the nineteenth and early twentieth century farming settlements that were once ...

Abandoned Stoves, White Mountains

Elbow Pond Cabin Settlement in Woodstock, New Hampshire
Forgotten Stoves, White Mountains - New Hampshire is rich with history, and each history buff is drawn to certain parts of the history. I love the variety of artifacts that remain in the White Mountain National Forest. And today, I am going to share a few of the unique stoves ...

Mt Willard Section House, Crawford Notch

Maine Central Railroad - Mt. Willard Section House, White Mountains New Hampshire
Mt Willard Section House, Crawford Notch - Above is the historic Mt Willard Section House (c. 1900) and the Willey Brook Bridge along the old Maine Central Railroad in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire. Completed in August 1875 by the Portland & Ogdensburg Railroad, the building of this railroad was an ...

Nansen Ski Jump, Milan

Nansen Ski Jump in Milan New Hampshire USA. This jump is 170 feet long and was constructed in 1936. In 1938, Olympic Trials were held here. The jump was closed in 1988.
Nansen Ski Jump, New Hampshire - Located along Route 16 in Milan, New Hampshire is the Nansen Wayside Park, which is home to the historical Nansen Ski Jump. Built in 1936 the Nansen Ski Jump at one time held major ski championships. And in 1938 the first Olympic Trials were ...

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• ScenicNH Photography is in the business of photography. We create awareness for historic preservation and environmental conservation.

• This is not a complete list of abandoned places in New Hampshire. It is a work in progress and is subject to errors and omissions.

• As you explore the historical sites in New Hampshire, keep in mind the removal of historic artifacts from federal lands is a violation of federal law.

• While ScenicNH Photography takes great measures to verify all historical information, we do not warrant the accuracy of the information.