Abandoned Places, White Mountains

Abandoned places in the White Mountains, New Hampshire: This work focuses on the abandoned villages, granite quarries, lost mountain settlements, and forgotten 19th century hill farming communities that are scattered throughout the White Mountains. Many of these communities were abandoned in the early 1900s. And today the cellar holes, graveyards, and stone walls that remain in the forest help tell the story of a long forgotten era.


Logging Camp - Sawyer River Railroad, New Hampshire
Identifying Historical Artifacts, White Mountains - If you are picking up trash in the New Hampshire White Mountains during ...
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Wildwood Settlement - Easton, New Hampshire
Village of Wildwood, New Hampshire - When it comes to the abandoned villages in New Hampshire, the logging village ...
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Abandoned Hill Farm Community - Thornton Gore, New Hampshire
Thornton Gore Hill Farming Settlement - The abandoned Thornton Gore hill farming settlement is in the New Hampshire White ...
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Willey Brook Trestle - Crawford Notch, New Hampshire
Updating The Culture & History Portfolios - Every year during the month of December most of my time is ...
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The Samuel Wallace Farm - Sandwich Notch, New Hampshire
Abandoned Dug Wells, White Mountains – Today’s blog article focuses on a keyword search term. I chose one search ...
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Bemis Granite Quarry - Harts Location, New Hampshire
Abandoned Bemis Granite Quarry - I recently photographed the forgotten Bemis Granite Quarry in Hart's Location, New Hampshire. This ...
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Abandoned town of Livermore
Five Historic Sites, White Mountains - Many historic sites in the New Hampshire White Mountains are well known among ...
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Village of Livermore, New Hampshire
Village of Livermore, New Hampshire - The abandoned logging village of Livermore is in the New Hampshire White Mountains ...
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The John Hart Home Site - Sandwich Notch Road, New Hampshire
Sandwich Notch Hill Farming Community – The abandoned Sandwich Notch hill farming settlement is in the New Hampshire White ...
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Redstone Granite Quarry - Conway, New Hampshire USA
Redstone Granite Quarry, New Hampshire - The Redstone Granite Quarry is an abandoned granite quarry on the side of ...
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Elbow Pond during the autumn months in Woodstock, New Hampshire
Abandoned Elbow Pond Community - A few years ago, I documented the abandoned Elbow Pond cabin community in Woodstock, ...
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Remnants of a cooking stove made by Magee Furnace Company, Boston, Mass at the abandoned cabin settlement surrounding Elbow Pond in Woodstock, New Hampshire USA
Forgotten Stoves, White Mountains - New Hampshire is rich with history, and each history buff is drawn to certain ...
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Nansen Ski Jump in Milan New Hampshire USA. This jump is 170 feet long and was constructed in 1936. In 1938, Olympic Trials were held here. The jump was closed in 1988.
Nansen Ski Jump, New Hampshire - Located along Route 16 in Milan, New Hampshire is the Nansen Wayside Park, ...
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• ScenicNH Photography is in the business of photography. We create awareness for historic preservation and environmental conservation.

• This is not a complete list of abandoned places in New Hampshire. It is a work in progress and is subject to errors and omissions.

• As you explore the historical sites in New Hampshire, keep in mind the removal of historic artifacts from federal lands is a violation of federal law.

• While ScenicNH Photography takes great measures to verify all historical information, we do not warrant the accuracy of the information.