Charles Meakin Royal Ironstone

This artifact (Charles Meakin Royal Ironstone China ) is possibly remnants of the old Flume Reservation in Lincoln, New Hampshire.
Charles Meakin Royal Ironstone China – Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

Charles Meakin Royal Ironstone – This artifact (a piece of Charles Meakin Royal Ironstone China) remains in the general area of today's Flume Gorge Visitor Center in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire. This is how the artifact was found; artifacts are protected and should be left where they are found. Based on the marking, this ironstone china was made by Charles Meakin at the Burslem works in England from 1870-1882.

The legendary Flume House (1846-1918) was in the general area of the Flume Gorge Visitor Center. And after the Flume House burned down on June 27, 1918, the Flume Tea House was built on the opposite side of the notch road; it opened for business in August 1919. However, it is unknown if this artifact has any connection to either establishment.

Franconia Notch Book by Erin Paul Donovan.
Franconia Notch Book (May 2024) by Erin Paul Donovan

In celebration of my latest book, Franconia Notch, which was published by Arcadia Publishing in May 2024, I will be writing about New Hampshire's fascinating Franconia Notch for the next month or longer. With the use of archival photographs (black and white), Franconia Notch explores the fascinating history of Franconia Notch during the mid-19th to late 20th century. Broken into six chapters, chapter one focuses on the early taverns and hotels that were once in the notch, and Chapter 6 focuses on the Flume Gorge; the in-between chapters cover the Old Man of the Mountain, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and more.

For more information and to purchase copy of Franconia Notch, see the book section of my website here.

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