Interesting Finds, White Mountains

Downes - Oliverian Brook Ski Trail in winter conditions. This trail follows the old Swift River Railroad bed, which was a logging railroad in operation from 1906-1916. This location is near the old St Johns Camp site in the White Brook drainage of Albany, New Hampshire.
Downes-Oliverian Brook Ski Trail – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Interesting Finds, White Mountains – My documentary work of historic sites takes me to many areas of the White Mountain National Forest. And I have to admit I have come across many things that I just can’t explain. And today I want to share a few of these interesting finds with you.

What intrigues me about the history of the White Mountains is researching the who, what, and when of an area. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to research every oddity I come across. And I have done little research on the included finds. Hopefully, this summer I can do some research on them.

Interesting finds along Ice Gulch Path in Randolph, New Hampshire during the summer months.
Ice Gulch – Randolph, New Hampshire

In the Ice Gulch Ravine, along the Ice Gulch Path, in Randolph, New Hampshire I found the above boulder high on the open talus slope. My initial thought was these four holes were man-made, but they are out of place in the middle of a talus field. And nature can do some amazing things, so it is possible these occurred naturally.

Foggy conditions along the Appalachian Trail (Franconia Ridge Trail) in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Franconia Ridge Trail – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Along the Appalachian Trail (Franconia Ridge Trail), south of Mount Lafayette and north of Mount Lincoln, I found this bolt (above) in a boulder. It is just off the current trail corridor, and it blends in really well. I never researched what this could have been part of it.

Remnants of old telephone wire and pole in the area of Camp 7 along the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad in Lincoln, New Hampshire. This was a logging Railroad which operated from 1893 - 1948.
Threaded Wood Mounting Peg – East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, New Hampshire

If you look closely at the above image, you can see a glass insulator threaded wood mounting peg (used to string old telephone lines) attached to the tree. And wire is still hanging from it. I found this peg and what could be a cellar hole on a small knoll in the general area of Black Pond in East Branch & Lincoln Railroad territory. Because of its location, I do not think it was part of logging Camp 7. *Over the past year I have come across information that suggests this may have been the site of an old cabin.

You can license the above images for usage in publications by clicking on the image you are interested in. And you can view more historic sites in the White Mountains here.

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