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Black and White, White Mountains

Presidential Range Rail Trail Cohos Trail - Jefferson New Hampshire
Black and White, White Mountains - During my film days, I shot roll after roll of AGFA Scala, but now in the digital era all my black and white images start off in color and with the use of various image editing programs I covert them to black and white. Admittedly, I don’t work much with black and white anymore, but I have always enjoyed viewing black and white scenes of the White Mountains....[Continue reading] ...

Sense of Scale, White Mountains

A winter hiker ascends the Airline Trail in extreme weather conditions during the winter months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA
Sense of Scale, White Mountains - To create a sense of scale in my New Hampshire White Mountains landscape imagery I try to include people or any object that will help viewers in determining the size of the scene. Including any object in a scene a viewer will recognize the size of works, but using people is usually the best option ...