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Freelance Nature Photography

Mount Washington from Mount Clay in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Mount Washington – White Mountains of New Hampshire

Freelance Nature Photography – I am not big into writing about photography tips and tricks or ranting about the photography industry so this could be the only post I make this year focused on the business of nature photography.

How to start a nature photography business and be successful at it is always a hot topic of discussion among photographers. By no means am I an expert in the business of photography, but I do see the same mistakes made over and over by photographers just starting out.

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Sunrise & Sunset Photography

Sunset from Bald Mountain – White Mountains, New Hampshire  

Sunrise & Sunset Photography, New Hampshire – The setting sun and orange sky looks cool and get lots of attention on social media sites, but reality is the photography market is flooded with this kind of imagery. Don’t get me wrong every outdoor photographer in the world has these kind of shots on file, but the truth of the matter is these scenes have little market value. A simple solution to make these type of scenes more marketable – look away from the rising or setting sun and look for an interesting scene.

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