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Home Comfort Stove, Wilderness Trail

Camp 18 - East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, New Hampshire
Home Comfort Stove, Wilderness Trail - Seen above in 2009 is an old Home Comfort Stove made by the Wrought Iron Range Company in St. Louis, Missouri. This protected artifact remains along the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad (1893-1948) at the sight of logging Camp 18 in New Hampshire's Pemigewasset Wilderness. Today’s Wilderness Trail passes by this historic site...[Continue reading] ...

Noyes & Goddard Stove (historical artifact)

Noyes and Goddard stove - White Mountains, New Hampshire
Noyes & Goddard, Swift River Railroad - Seen here in 2010 is an old stove at the site of the Holland camp along the abandoned Swift River logging Railroad in the New Hampshire White Mountains. This is a Noyes & Goddard stove (1886-1902 +/-) produced in Waterville, Maine. The stove model is "Maine". Incorporated on March 25, 1903, and operated by the Conway Company, the roughly twenty-five mile long Swift River Railroad was in operation from 1906-1916...[Continue reading] ...

O.G. Thomas Stove (historical artifact)

Profile & Franconia Notch Railroad - Franconia, New Hampshire
O.G. Thomas Stove, Profile & Franconia Notch Railroad - Seen here in 2012 are remnants of an O.G. Thomas stove made in Taunton, Massachusetts, at an abandoned dwelling site along the Profile & Franconia Notch Railroad in the New Hampshire White Mountains. This O.G. Thomas stove stove piece is considered to be an artifact, and the removal of historical artifacts from federal lands without a permit is a violation of federal law..[Continue reading] ...