Lakes & Ponds, White Mountains

Reflection of Cathedral Ledge in Echo Lake at Echo Lake State Park in North Conway, New Hampshire USA.
Echo Lake State Park – North Conway, New Hampshire

Lakes & Ponds, White Mountains – Everywhere I go in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire I am photographing some form of water. It makes no difference if it is the roaring Swift River or small wetlands area deep in the Pemigewasset Wilderness, water is present in many of my images.

Water seems to be unavoidable and is in 60% of my images, so I thought I would be fun to watch (above) a slideshow of my favorite lakes and ponds in the White Mountains region. Most of these waterscapes are easy to reach, but some do require a full day of hiking to reach.

White Mountains Lakes & Ponds. Sandwich Notch - Kiah Pond during the autumn months in Sandwich, New Hampshire.
Kiah Pond – White Mountains, New Hampshire 

The lakes and ponds in the White Mountains of New Hampshire make excellent photo subjects. If I had to suggest one to visit and photograph it would be Kiah Pond in the Sandwich Notch region of Sandwich, New Hampshire. Kiah Pond looks incredible during the autumn months. The best time to photograph lakes and ponds is usually early in the morning or late in the afternoon at sunset when the water is calm.

You can license the above images for usage in publications by clicking on the image you are interested in. And you can view more images of lakes and ponds in the White Mountains region here.

Happy image making..


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