Scenes of June, White Mountains

Reflection of Mount Deception in a small pond along Old Cherry Mountain Road in Carroll, New Hampshire USA during the spring months.
Mount Deception – Carroll, New Hampshire

Scenes of June, White Mountains – The month of June in the White Mountains has been interesting. I am not sure where to start, the rain or the overcast days. We are currently stuck in a dreary weather pattern that is making many question if the summer season is going to be washout. I hope not, but realize anything is possible when it comes to mother nature. Even with the poor weather I did manage to photograph the Lupine Festival and Frankenstein Trestle on beautiful days.

Crawford Notch State Park - Frankenstein Trestle  along the Maine Central Railroad in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA. Chartered in 1867 as the Portland & Ogdensburg Railroad Company then leased to the Maine Central Railroad in 1888 and later abandoned in 1983. Since 1995 the Conway Scenic Railroad, which provides passenger excursion trains has been using the track.
Frankenstein Trestle – Crawford Notch State Park, New Hampshire

For the railroad buffs, if you have never visited Frankenstein Trestle in Crawford Notch State Park, I suggest you do. It is one of the coolest trestles I have photographed in New England. It also has excellent views of the Notch.

The "other" Pitcher Falls, located on the South Fork of the Hancock Branch in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the spring months.
The Other Pitcher Falls – Lincoln, New Hampshire

I spent many of the rainy days photographing water scenes for a long term project. Yes, there really is another Pitcher Falls. In fact, there are at least three Pitcher Falls in the White Mountains region. History books reference the third Pitcher Falls was renamed to its current name in the 1800s.

Sugar Hill Lupine Festival - Lupine in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire USA during the spring months
Sugar Hill Lupine Festival – Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

The 20th Annual Fields of Lupine Festival was also this month in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. The lupine fields looked excellent this year. I was only able to spend a few hours shooting the lupine this year.

Lafayette Brook Scenic Area - Lafayette Brook in Franconia, New Hampshire USA during the spring months
Lafayette Brook – Franconia, New Hampshire

I also spent more time than usual this month doing the business side of photography, but I will not bore you with details. One thing evident in this new generation of photography is I am spending much more time doing the business side than I have in the past. Its all good though. View more new imagery from this month here.

Happy image making..


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