November 2013, Pemi Wilderness Suspension Bridge Update

2009 - Pemigewasset Wilderness -180 foot Suspension bridge, which spans the East Branch of the Pemigewasset River along the Wilderness Trail in Lincoln, New Hampshire USA. This footbridge is located at the Trestle 17 location along the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, which was an logging railroad in operation from 1893 - 1948. This bridge was removed in 2009 and no longer exists.
Pemigewasset Wilderness Suspension Bridge, Wilderness Trail (2009)

November 2013, Pemi Wilderness Suspension Bridge Removal Update – The remaining debris from the Pemi Wilderness suspension bridge removal project, along the East Branch of the Pemi, in the New Hampshire White Mountains appears to have been removed out of the designated wilderness area. The debris is now outside of the wilderness boundary along the Pemi East Side Trail. However, some debris does remain at the Black Brook bridge site, which was also removed during this project.

Since 2009, when the bridge was removed, I have been making regular trips to the bridge site to document the progress of debris removal. Unforeseen issues turned the debris removal into a 3 + year long project. You can view a slideshow here showing the progression of debris removal over the last 3 years from the bridge site.

The help of many volunteers removing debris over the last three years is the reason why the site looks as it does today. Most of the volunteers will never be publicly known, and more than likely do not want recognition for their part in this project. These are the type of volunteers needed in the White Mountains. They are not looking for glory and are only interested in bettering the White Mountains for everyone.

October 2013 - Site of the 180 foot suspension bridge that once crossed the East Branch of Pemigewasset River along the Wilderness Trail  in the Pemigewasset Wilderness of Lincoln, New Hampshire USA. The bridge was removed in 2009 because of public safety issues. The remains have been slowly removed from the wilderness area since its removal in 2009. Per the Wilderness Act, only non-motorized equipment can be used to remove debris from wilderness designated areas. As of this date, cleanup looks to be completed.
Pemigewasset Wilderness Bridge Removal Site, Wilderness Trail (October 2013)

To this day the Pemigewasset Wilderness bridge removal project causes heated debates among groups of hikers. The reality is Forest Service has stayed true to protecting designated wilderness areas from human impact. I commend them for this. It is exciting to see the Pemigewasset Wilderness a little wilder. 

The Pemi Wilderness bridge removal project looks to be a done deal. "Thank you" to every volunteer who gave up their time to better the White Mountains.

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  1. Dawn Serra

    Thank you for posting this update, Erin Paul! This is great news for the Pemi and those who want to enjoy it in a wilder state!


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