March, White Mountains

March scene of snowshoes on display in snowbank in the White Mountains of New Hampshire USA during the spring months.
Snowshoes – White Mountains, New Hampshire

March, White Mountains – In the White Mountains of New Hampshire, March marks the start of spring, but you would never know it with the amount of snow still in the backcountry. We have had cloudy days, cold days, warm days, rainy days and a few snowy days this month. I can honestly say I will be glad when I can officially put the snowshoes away this season.

When I first got into photography, seventeen years ago, I had envisioned hiking all over the White Mountains photographing endless sunrises and sunsets from mountain tops, but was given a reality check when I realized the New England photography market was, and still is, flooded with this type of imagery. I decided to make a change back then and focus on environmental subjects, and less mountain sunrise and sunset scenes. Today, I look at these five images and realize that one single decision I made many years ago put me on track.

March scene of an abandoned Chevrolet in forest of Franconia, New Hampshire USA during the winter months. This is possibly a 1940s Chevrolet 4-door sedan with trunk. Body plate reads style 40-1019 Body T29194.
Abandoned Chevrolet (possibly 1940s) – Franconia, New Hampshire

This month I spent three days photographing environmental scenes of abandoned relics in Benton, Franconia and Thornton New Hampshire. Both the above and below scenes are classic examples that show the conflict between humans and nature. Personally I love the abandoned side of the White Mountains and the history, but the environmentalist in me is very aware of the impact we humans are having on the natural environment.

Abandoned truck in the Tunnel Brook drainage of Benton, New Hampshire USA during the winter months. This is possibly a 1920s International truck.
Abandoned Truck (possibly 1920s International) – Benton, New Hampshire

The abandoned relic above, possibly a 1920s International truck, remains near an old road that once traveled through Tunnel Brook Notch in Benton. The old road was closed in 1927 because of landslides. I wonder if this truck was ever driven across the old road before it was closed? Either way, cool piece of history!

Tree burl on an old yellow birch tree in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Tree Burl – Woodstock, New Hampshire

I spent one warm March day exploring an area near Elbow Pond in Woodstock, and came across a cool yellow birch tree with a huge burl (above). Tree burls make great photo subjects and this one will be added to my forest disturbances image gallery. If you enjoy this type of photography you can view more images here.

Sunrise from the summit of Mount Tecumseh in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire USA during the spring months. View shedding (unauthorized cutting) has improved the summit view. Forest Service has verified the cutting is unauthorized.
Sunrise – Mt Tecumseh, New Hampshire

To end the month, I made my monthly trek to the summit of Mt Tecumseh in Waterville Valley to document the illegal cutting happening on the summit. Though the sunrise (above) was short lived, it was spectacular while it lasted. Seeing the sunrise from a mountain top always seems to refresh my creative juices.

All of the above images can be licensed for publications by clicking on the image you are interested in. And you can view more images from the month of March here.

Happy image making..


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