Scenes of June, New Hampshire

Beaver Pond in Kinsman Notch of the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the month of June. Jakey's Crag is in the background.
Beaver Pond – Kinsman Notch, New Hampshire

Scenes of June, New Hampshire – Last month, I mentioned that many locals believe the 2016 summer season here in the White Mountains is going to be an extremely busy one. I have already seen an increase in tourism (biking, fishing, hiking, swimming, etc.) in my travels of the White Mountains region during the month of June. After a dismal ski season, this will be a great boost for the local economy.

Even though Coos and Grafton counties are currently under a flash flood watch, June has been a dry month. Many of the brooks and rivers here in the White Mountains are running low, to the point where a few are almost dried up. Other than not receiving much rain this month, the weather has been great. And I have been making the most out of the long summer days to create new imagery.

Cascade along Clough Mine Brook, a tributary of Lost River, in Kinsman Notch of Woodstock, New Hampshire USA after heavy rain during the spring months.
Clough Mine Brook – Kinsman Notch, New Hampshire

We did receive 1-2 inches of rain over the course of one night, and I was able to take advantage of it and photograph a few of the cascades on Clough Mine Brook (above) in Kinsman Notch. Over the last few years, I have spent a lot of time shooting in Kinsman Notch, and the photo opportunities are endless.

Coliseum Falls along Bemis Brook in Harts Location, New Hampshire USA during the spring months. This area is part of Crawford Notch State Park.
Coliseum Falls – Harts Location, New Hampshire

My June shooting schedule included a few waterfalls and with the low water levels, I was concerned that they wouldn't be photogenic. Luckily, the landscape surrounding Coliseum Falls (above), named for its “coliseum” shape, is just as interesting as the waterfall itself. An interesting image of this waterfall can be made even when the water levels are low. And all the blowdowns have been removed, how awesome is that!

Site of the abandoned Bemis Granite Quarry along the Sawyer River in Harts Location, New Hampshire USA. Dr. Samuel Bemis quarried granite from this site, which he owned at the time, during the 1860s to build Notchland, a granite mansion in Hart’s Location.
Bemis Granite Quarry – Hart’s Location, New Hampshire

I spent one day this month documenting the forgotten 1800s Bemis Quarry along the Sawyer River (above) in Hart’s Location. In the 1860s, Dr. Samuel Bemis quarried granite from this quarry to build a granite mansion. His mansion still stands today, and you can read a blog article I recently wrote about the quarry here.

Front cover of the 2017 White Mountains, New Hampshire wall calendar by ScenicNH Photography LLC | Erin Paul Donovan.
2017 White Mountains, New Hampshire Calendar

I will end this blog article by introducing you to the cover (above) of my 2017 White Mountains New Hampshire calendar. The cover is of the East Branch of the Pemigewasset River in Lincoln during the autumn season. For the 2017 calendar season, I decided to produce one calendar that focuses on the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It looks great! To purchase a copy see the 2017 calendar page.

All of the above images can be licensed for publications by clicking on the image you are interested in, and you can view more new images from the month of June here.

Happy image making..


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