Pure Nature Scenes, White Mountains

Black Pond on the side of Black Pond Trail in Lincoln, New Hampshire. This forest was logged during the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad era, which as was a logging railroad in operation from 1893-1948.
Black Pond – Lincoln, New Hampshire

Pure Nature Scenes, White Mountains – In photography, many organizations and photographers consider a true nature scene to be a scene that is absent of any human elements. The scene itself showcases the pure beauty of nature. So keeping with the spirit of nature photography here are a few nature scenes that represent the New Hampshire White Mountains.

Admittedly, I prefer to include the hand of man in my images mainly because it shows our influence on nature. A pile of trash left in the middle of a pristine wilderness is the classic example. Of all the impact we do to nature, for some reason, trash upsets outdoor enthusiasts the most. But that is for another day today it is all about pure nature scenes.

Forest on the northern slopes of Mount Jim in Kinsman Notch of Woodstock, New Hampshire.
Mount Jim – Kinsman Notch, New Hampshire

As you explore the White Mountains, take note to the areas you visit that are absent of human elements. I am willing to bet most find themselves lingering in these areas. And you don’t even realize you are doing so. In our constant search to find serenity, it is natural to be drawn to the areas where man has yet to leave his mark.

Storm (Rain) clouds engulf Owls Head Mountain from the summit of Bondlcliff Mountain in the Pemigewasset Wilderness of New Hampshire.
Owls Head From Bondcliff, Pemigewasset Wilderness

Here in the White Mountains, a landscape absent of human elements can be hard to find. Thankfully we have designated wilderness areas, like the Pemigewasset Wilderness (above), where man is only a visitor and human influence is minimal. Designated wilderness areas are managed differently than other areas of the White Mountain National Forest. And because of this, it is easier to find pure nature scenes within these areas.

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