National Trails Day, White Mountains

Group of hikers travel along the Tuckerman Crossover Trail in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the summer months. Mount Monroe is in the background.
Tuckerman Crossover – White Mountains, New Hampshire

National Trails Day, White Mountains – Today is American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day, an annual event held on the first Saturday in June. And the intention of this day is to celebrate and create awareness for America's Trail system. It is also a day to recognize the work of all the volunteers who do trail maintenance along America’s trail system.

As environmental photographer and a hiker of the New Hampshire White Mountains, I appreciate all the work that volunteers do along the White Mountains trail system. And to all you adopt-a-trail volunteers, who are truly only volunteering to give back to the White Mountains, THANK YOU.

Stone staircase along Valley Way in the New Hampshire White Mountains during the summer months. Today is National Trails Day.
Beautiful Stone Staircase – Valley Way, White Mountains

Without your dedication, the trails really would be in shambles. You take time away from your families and volunteer two or three days a year to make the trails better for all of us. And you expect nothing in return and don't want recognition for your selfless acts of volunteerism. These are characteristics of a true volunteer.

Low impact water bar along the Veterans Trail in Franconia, New Hampshire USA. This trail was previously known as the Bald Mtn - Artist's Bluff Path.
Cleaned Drainage – Artist's Bluff Path, White Mountains

Cleaning waterbars and drainage ditches, scattering that brush off the trail, removing blowdowns, and cutting those stumps (trippers) at ground level may not seem like much but it is the trademark of a well maintained trail. And it also implies that a trail volunteer takes pride in his or her adopt-a-trail responsibilities.

Trail Stewardship  - The Pine Island Trail in Lincoln, New Hampshire USA. In 2011, the Pine Island Trail was severely damaged from Tropical Storm Irene forcing it to be closed. In the summer of 2012 proper parties relocated the trail and it is now open for usage. Much of the trail had to be relocated because of the storm damage. This is a section of the new trail.
Axe Work – Pine Island Trail, White Mountains

I hope the volunteers working the trail system today inspire the new and old hikers to do the selfless act of volunteering some time in the future. Again, to all the volunteers who are trying to make the White Mountains a better place, thank you for what you do.

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