Forest Road Status, White Mountains

Forest Road Status; Haystack Road in the White Mountains, New Hampshire covered in snow during the winter months. This is a seasonal road closed during the snow season.
Haystack Road (winter) – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Forest Road Status, White Mountains – Here in the New Hampshire White Mountains, the U.S. Forest Service closes roads within the White Mountain National Forest throughout the year. These forest roads are closed for numerous reasons, and many are closed to vehicle traffic during the snow season. In the spring, after these seasonal roads have dried out and are passable, they are reopened to vehicle traffic. However, there is no exact date when any forest road will reopen.

Every spring, outdoor enthusiasts turn to social media and crowd-sourced websites to find out if any given forest road in the White Mountain National Forest is open, only to be given inaccurate information, a common problem with crowd-sourced websites and some social media outdoor pages.[1]

If you want to know the status of any forest road, go directly to the source – Forest Service. They have a page dedicated to the status of forest roads in the White Mountain National Forest. They also try to update the public about the status of roads, such as Bear Notch Road and Evans Notch Road, that are maintained by state and local authorities.

White Mountains Forest Road Status:
U.S. Forest Service’s White Mountain National Forest Forest Roads Status Information

U.S. Forest Service – White Mountain National Forest #RoadsRoundup (Forest Service’s Facebook page)

Seasonal roads in the White Mountains include: Basin Pond Road, Bear Notch Road, Bog Dam Loop (Kilkenny Loop Road), Bowen Brook Road, Cherry Mountain Road, Crocker Pond Road, Deer Hill Road, East Branch Road, Elbow Pond Road, Evans Notch Road (Route 113), Fifield Brook Road (Deer Hill), Gale River Loop Road, Haystack Road, Hurricane Mountain Road, Hut Road (Great Brook), Langdon Brook Road, Little Larry Road, Long Pond Road, Mill Brook Road, Moat Mountain Mineral Site Access Road (High Street), Pattie Mill Brook Road, Passaconaway (Dugway) Road, Peaked Hill Road, Rocky Branch Road, Sawyer River Road, Slippery Brook Road, South Pond Road, Tripoli Road, Upper Hall Pond Road, White Ledge Road, Wild River Road, and Zealand Road.

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[1] Most of the information found on crowd-sourced websites is not verified by experts or backed up with supporting evidence. And because of this, these types of websites are known for promoting misinformation, which makes them unreliable sources.

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