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2020 Year in Review, White Mountains

Kancamagus Scenic Byway - Lincoln, New Hampshire
2020 Year in Review, White Mountains - As the year comes to an end, I am still trying to understand this pandemic. And I am also still trying to grasp how badly overrun the White Mountains have been this year. While there appears to be a vaccine for the virus, there is no immediate solution for the current human impact issue here in the White Mountains...[Continue reading] ...

2020 Human Impact, White Mountains

Georgiana Falls Path - Lincoln, New Hampshire
2020 Human Impact, White Mountains - During these strange times, like many of you, I have been trying to stay safe and worrying about family and friends. I also have watched the New Hampshire White Mountains get trashed over the last few months. While human impact (overuse) is not a new problem here in the White Mountains, it has gotten much worse during the Coronavirus pandemic...[Continue reading] ...

Vandalism, White Mountains

Beware of Vandalism - New Hampshire
Vandalism, White Mountains - A common topic among many outdoor enthusiasts is all the vandalism in the White Mountains. And this imagery is intended to create awareness for a very concerning issue here in the New Hampshire White Mountains. However, keep in mind that some outdoor enthusiasts feel some of the below acts of vandalism are perfectly acceptable...[Continue reading] ...