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Devils Kitchen Gorge, White Mountains

Devils Kitchen Gorge along Bumpus Brook in Randolph, New Hampshire USA during the autumn months.
Devils Kitchen Gorge – White Mountains, New Hampshire 

Devils Kitchen Gorge, New Hampshire – Devils Kitchen is a small interesting gorge along Bumpus Brook in Randolph, New Hampshire. There are many cascades along the brook to photograph, so plan on being in the area for a few hours. Coosauk Falls in one of the more interesting waterfalls in the area. It seems like I find a new vantage point every visit. Devils Kitchen can be easily reached using the Howker Ridge Trail.

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Echo Lake, Cannon Mountain Ski Area

Franconia Notch State Park - Cannon Mountain with Echo Lake in the foreground during the spring months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA. One of the coolest locations to photograph in Franconia Notch State Park is Cannon Mountain from Echo Lake. On calm mornings, the reflection of Cannon Mountain is breathtaking! It is one of my favorite spots to photograph in the state park. One of the many places in the White Mountains I return to over and over.
Cannon Mountain from Echo Lake – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Echo Lake, Cannon Mountain Ski Area – A great location to photograph in Franconia Notch State Park in the New Hampshire White Mountains is Cannon Mountain Ski Area from Echo Lake. It is one of my favorite locations to visit in Franconia Notch State Park. And its one of the many places in the White Mountains I return to over and over.

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Featured Image Gallery

Featured – Images by ScenicNH Photography LLC

If you only have a few minutes to view images or it is your first time visiting ScenicNH Photography, then the "Featured Image Gallery" is the one to checkout. This gallery is a small selection of New England related images that represent my work. 

Click on any of the above images for a larger preview or the included link to go directly to the gallery. You can also just sit back and enjoy the slideshow, while you drink your morning coffee. Images from New Hampshire USA are included.

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Autumn Foliage – New Hampshire

Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge - Reflection of autumn foliage in Cherry Pond in Jefferson, New Hampshire USA during the autumn months.
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge – Jefferson, New Hampshire USA

Quick Update September 25, 2011:
Colors are starting to show in the Northern half of New Hampshire and the White Mountain region. Neither area is at peak yet, but the colors look good. Nice color can be found in the area of Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson, New Hampshire. The above image is from earlier this week.

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Willey Brook Falls, Crawford Notch

Crawford Notch State Park - Willey Brook Trestle along the old Maine Central Railroad in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA. The Mt. Willard Section House was located just to the right of the trestle. This railroad is now used by  the Conway Scenic Railroad.
Willey Brook Trestle – Crawford Notch, New Hampshire 

Willey Brook Falls, Crawford Notch – These falls are an impressive series of cascades located on Willey Brook, above Willey Brook Trestle (above), on the side of Mount Willard in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire. The real adventure is just getting to them, which can be tricky if you use the wrong route.

The Willey Brook area is more of a gorge, and it is best to study a map of the area before exploring the brook. The gorge alone will lead to hours of exploring so plan on spending a few hours at this location.

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Lakes & Ponds, White Mountains

Reflection of Cathedral Ledge in Echo Lake at Echo Lake State Park in North Conway, New Hampshire USA.
Echo Lake State Park – North Conway, New Hampshire

Lakes & Ponds, White Mountains – Everywhere I go in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire I am photographing some form of water. It makes no difference if it is the roaring Swift River or small wetlands area deep in the Pemigewasset Wilderness, water is present in many of my images.

Water seems to be unavoidable and is in 60% of my images, so I thought I would be fun to watch (above) a slideshow of my favorite lakes and ponds in the White Mountains region. Most of these waterscapes are easy to reach, but some do require a full day of hiking to reach.

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Kancamagus Scenic Byway New Hampshire

Kancamagus Highway (route 112), which is one of New England's scenic byways in blizzard conditions. Located in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Kancamagus Scenic Byway – White Mountains

Kancamagus Scenic Byway, New Hampshire – The Kancamagus Scenic Byway, located in New Hampshire, is considered one of the best scenic drives in the Northeast. It is about 35 miles long and was opened in 1959 after two dead end roads, one in Lincoln and the other in Conway, were connected.

This scenic road is known worldwide for it outstanding foliage during the autumn months. And though the scenic byway attracts the most visitors during the autumn months, I think it is a great area to explore any time of year. Photographers will have endless photo opportunities.

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