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June, White Mountains

Lupine fields in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire USA during the spring months during the Annual Celebration of Lupines Festival.
Fields of Lupine – Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

June, White Mountains – Here in the New Hampshire White Mountains the weather during June has been excellent. We have had a few hot days, but you will not hear me complaining. This month has been very busy, and because my schedule is full for the rest of June, I am posting my monthly article early.

June is the Annual Celebration of Lupines in Sugar Hill. And every year photographers invade the fields of Sugar Hill with hopes of creating the perfect lupine scene. This year I decided to approach the lupine fields with a different mindset, and I wanted to avoid creating a grand landscape scene. The above image is one of only a few I created this year of the lupine fields.

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The last of the lupines – Sugar Hill

Lupine fields in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire USA during the Annual Celebration of Lupines festival that is held ever year.
Annual Celebration of Lupines – The last of the lupines 

The last of the lupines – Last week I spent a few hours in the lupine fields of Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. I visit the Annual Celebration of Lupines almost every year, towards the end of June, to photograph the lupine fields. I have never been disappointed, but this year has left me scratching my head a little. The lupine looked beautiful, but it appears to have been an off year for them in the Sugar Hill area.

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Fields of Lupine Festival, Sugar Hill

Lupine Festival in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.
Sugar Hill Lupine Festival – Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

Fields of Lupine Festival, New Hampshire – If you are visiting the White Mountains region in the month of June and are looking for a location to photograph, the Fields of Lupine Festival in Sugar Hill should fit your needs. The Fields of Lupine Festival is held annually in the month of June and attracts visitors from around the world. Every year in June the fields of Sugar Hill are transformed into a mesmerizing display of purple lupine.

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