Annual Celebration of Lupines, Sugar Hill

Lupine Festival in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.
Sugar Hill Lupine Festival – Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

Annual Celebration of Lupines, Sugar Hill – If you are visiting the White Mountains region in the month of June and are looking for a location to photograph, the fields of lupine in Sugar Hill should suit your needs. The Annual Celebration of Lupines is held every year during the month of June; it attracts visitors from around the world. During June, the fields of Sugar Hill and the surrounding area are transformed into a mesmerizing display of purple lupine.

Incorporated in 1962, Sugar Hill is the youngest town in New Hampshire. The town was originally part of the 1763 Lisbon grant, which was first granted as Concord. And the name "Sugar Hill" comes from the abundance of sugar maples in the area.

Lupine Festival in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire USA. St. Matthew's Chapel is in the background.
St. Matthew's Chapel – Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

Even though the lupine fields look great during the first week of the Annual Celebration of Lupines, I find the last week of the event is the best time to photograph the lupine in bloom. Early in the morning is your best bet if you want to avoid the crowds and possibly have the fields to yourself. Be prepared to spend a few hours exploring the lupine fields.

Sugar Hill Lupine Festival - Lupine in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire USA during the spring months.
Sugar Hill Lupine Festival – Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

No trip to Sugar Hill is complete without stopping at the picturesque Coffin Pond. The reflection of clouds in the pond is awesome early in the morning. This 16-ace roadside pond has a magical feel to it.

Coffin Pond in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire USA during the spring months.
Coffin Pond – Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

Sugar Hill is a small New England town worth visiting just to view the lupine fields. The lupine fields are breathtaking when in full bloom. More information and list of events that take place during the Fields of Lupine Festival see the Franconia Notch Chamber of Commerce website

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