Plane Crashes, White Mountains

Plane crashes in the White Mountains, New Hampshire: Five weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor, a Douglas B-18 Bolo Bomber crashed into the side of Mount Waternomee. And in 1959 a Piper Comanche airplane crashed in a remote area of the 45,000-acre Pemigewasset Wilderness. With the use of photography and writing, this work explores the plane crash sites in the New Hampshire White Mountains.


Pemigewasset Wilderness - Memorial to Dr. Ralph E. Miller and Dr. Robert E. Quinn in the Thoreau Falls Valley of Lincoln, New Hampshire. The doctors successfully crash landed their plane in this location and survived for four days before dying of exposure.
February 1959 Plane Crash, Pemi Wilderness - On Saturday, February 21, 1959 a Piper Comanche airplane took off from ...
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Mount Success, Douglas DC-3 Plane Crash
Mount Success, Northeast Airlines Flight 792 Plane Crash - On November 30, 1954, Northeast Airlines Flight 792, encountered snow ...
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B-18 Bomber Crash, Mt Waternomee
Mt Waternomee B-18 Bomber Plane Crash - During the World War II Era, a horrific plane crash awoke the ...
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