Mount Washington Alpine Flowers

Mount Washington, Mountain Cranberry - Vaccinium vitis-idaea - during the summer months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. The fruits are edible
Mountain Cranberry – Vaccinium vitis-idaea –

Mount Washington Alpine Flowers – During the spring months, tiny alpine flowers bloom on New Hampshire's Mount Washington. And one of the best areas to see these flowers is in the Alpine Garden, along the Alpine Garden Trail. The Alpine Garden Trail is on the eastern slopes of Mt Washington. And many consider this trail to be one of the best places in the White Mountains to see alpine flora.

The alpine flowers included in this blog article can be found along the Alpine Garden Trail. And when the alpine flowers are in full bloom, the eastern slopes of Mt Washington is an incredible area to visit. You can also find these alpine flowers (in the alpine zone) in other areas of the Presidential Range.

Labrador Tea-Ledum groenlandicum- during the summer months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Labrador Tea – Ledum groenlandicum –

Generally speaking, the best time to view alpine flowers in the Alpine Garden is early to mid June. But the exact time varies from year to year. And full bloom dates range from area to area in the White Mountains, meaning the Alpine Garden could look spectacular, while Mount Monroe is patchy.

Harebell - Campanula rotundifolia -  along the Alpine Garden Trail during the summer months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Harebell – Campanula rotundifolia –

If hiking up Mt Washington is not possible you can also access the Alpine Garden from the Mt Washington Auto Road. There is a fee to drive the auto road, but it is a great option if you don’t hike.

Diapensia...Diapensia lapponica.. during the summer months along the Appalachian Trail  in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. Found at higher elevations(alpine zone) and in exposed areas around rocky ledges.
Diapensia – Diapensia lapponica –

Please don’t get carried away during your visit to Mt Washington and venture off trail to view alpine flowers. If you do, more than likely you are unknowingly stepping on alpine vegetation. Some of these alpine flowers are rare and only grow in the alpine zones of New Hampshire. Staying on the trail will ensure you don’t accidentally step on these rare alpine flowers. It really is amazing these little flowers survive the harsh elements of Mt Washington!

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6 Responses to “Mount Washington Alpine Flowers”

  1. Beckie Jani

    And here is another email for you about the Alpine Garden!  We miss it every year, even if we call Pinkham to get an idea.  We would be happy even to see that area near Monroe and Lakes of the Clouds in bloom.  Have you seen anything yet?  thanks, Beckie Jani

    • Erin Paul Donovan

      Hi Beckie,

      I have not seen or heard anything yet this year about the alpine flowers blooming, but I suspect soon. Sorry I am not much help at this point.

      • Beckie Jani

        It's me again!  Same question, different year.  We're thinking of going this Sunday.  Do you know if there are any blooms yet?  Thanks.

        • Erin Paul Donovan

          HI Beckie,

          I have not heard anything yet this year, but that does not mean they are not starting to bloom. The weather has been a little crazy this year in the White Mountains. Over the last few weeks, Mount Washington got snow, ice, and freezing fog. And because of this, the alpine flowers might be little behind this year.

          Hope this helps. And enjoy your time in the White Mountains.


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