Foliage Report – Strong Winds

Hancock Branch – White Mountains, NH 

Foliage Report: October 1, 2010

Strong winds and heavy rain are changing the landscape quickly (White Mountains, NH). The above image was from a few days ago along the Hancock Branch. The bottom image is from the same location as the above earlier today (Oct 1). Looks different today!

Hancock Branch – White Mountains, NH 

These two images are good editorial shots documenting how weather can change the landscape from day to day. They also show that mother nature always has the final say.

There is still plenty of color to photograph this weekend in the White Mountains, NH. 


Have a great weekend! 

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Erin Paul is a professional photographer who specializes in environmental conservation and historic preservation photography in the New Hampshire White Mountains. His work is published worldwide, and credits include; Backpacker Magazine, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and The Wilderness Society.

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