Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

A salt marsh in Hampton, New Hampshire USA at sunrise, which is part of scenic New England.
Marsh – Hampton, New Hampshire in 2003

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire USA – Recently I was trying to locate an image I created years ago along the coast of New Hampshire. As time goes by trying to find images in a growing image archive can sometimes be very time consuming. Even more so when the image I am looking for is a transparency that has not been digitally archived yet.

Marsh – Hampton, New Hampshire in 2002

While looking for the image I was interested in these four kept jumping out at me. I would not consider them to be standout or explosive images, but they do represent New Hampshire's coastal region. I have always thought of New Hampshire's coast as beach, marsh and waves. As a photojournalist, these images document how I view the coast of New Hampshire.

Waves from the Atlantic Ocean crashing the rocky shoreline in Rye, New Hampshire.
Rye, New Hampshire in 2003

The other reason these images standout to me is because they were photographed during my film days when I used a Pentax 645 medium format camera. Unlike the digital era where you can delete images with the push of a button capturing these images required film, knowledge, time and patience. I think knowledge and patience has been lost to some extent in the digital era.

Hampton Beach State Park at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.
Hampton Beach State Park,  New Hampshire in 2003

I think any photographer who has gone through the film / digital transition will always be partial to film. Even though life is much easier now in the digital era, I will always appreciate my heavy and bulky Pentax 645. The film days were fun!

All of the above images can be licensed for publications by clicking on the image you are interested in. And you can view more images of the New Hampshire coast here.

Happy image making..


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