Top 10 2010 White Mountains Photos

(Number 1) Lost Pond – White Mountains, NH

It's hard to pick only ten images to represent a year, but I think I managed. Since most of my focus and projects were in the White Mountains, I decided to only include imagery from the mountains.

1) Pinkham Notch  – Lost Pond on the side the Appalachian Trail. The reflection of Mount Washington and Huntington Ravine are excellent and worth a early morning visit.

(Number 2) Airline Trail – White Mountains, NH

2) Winter hiker ascending the Airline Trail with King Ravine dominating the background. The northern presidential range is a awesome place to explore and the winter landscape is breathtaking! 

(Number 3) Downes – Oliverian Brook Ski Trail – White Mountains, NH

3) Downes – Oliverian Brook Ski Trail. This trail follows the old Swift River Railroad bed, which was an logging railroad in operation from 1906 – 1916. This large wetlands / field offers great views.

(Number 4) Carter Dome – White Mountains, NH

4) Scenic view from Carter Dome. Being part of the Carter Range, the Appalachian Trail travels over Carter Dome and offers excellent mountain views. 

(Number 5)  Swift River – White Mountains, NH

5) Much of the Swift River travels along the Kancamagus Highway and offers excellent foliage scenes. Access to the river is easy making it a great spot to photograph the changing of the seasons.

(Number 6)  Hellgate Ravine – White Mountains, NH

6) Pemigewasset Wilderness – Hellgate Ravine from the summit of Bondcliff. There is no other place in New England like this spot. 

(Number 7) Moose and Calf – White Mountains, NH

7) Moose and calf on the side of the Kancamagus Highway. To see wildlife up close and personal is very special in the White Mountains.  

(Number 8 ) Lakes Of The Clouds Hut – White Mountains, NH

8 ) Lakes of the Clouds Hut. I like this image,  because it documents the "true" alpine zone, which is one of my main focuses as as photographer. 

(Number 9) Tributary of Lost River in Woodstock, NH

9) Tributary of Lost River in Woodstock. This little cascade I found by accident when exploring some small brooks along Route 112.

(Number 10) Mount Pierce – White Mountains, NH

10) Appalachian Trail – Half moon just before sunrise from the summit of Mount Pierce. Predawn in the mountains is incredible!

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