Autumn Season

Red Maple - (Acer rubrum l) - during the summer months in Albany, New Hampshire USA (Erin Paul Donovan | Photography)
Maples  – Clarity level turned down to -100 for a soft look

Autumn, a new season – Even though everything really seems to be a few days (dare I say a week) behind schedule and the forests have a "beat up" look from Tropical Storm Irene, it should be another great season of image making. Some areas of the White Mountains that were near peak last year at this time are only at the early stages of changing colors.  

Northeast Kingdom - Victory Road in Victory, Vermont USA . (Erin Paul Donovan | Photography/Erin Paul Donovan)
Victory, Vermont USA

Colors are starting to show in parts of the White Mountains, plus Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is also showing some good color right now. I think the window of opportunity may be small this year, so be ready to run when peak hits the area. Don't worry there will be plenty of color to photograph. 🙂

Happy image making…


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