Water Abstracts

Crawford Notch State Park - Arethusa Falls during the late autumn months. This waterfall is located along Bemis Brook in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Arethusa Falls – Harts Location, New Hampshire

White Mountains, New Hampshire Waterfalls – One of the greatest challenges of a nature photographer is to photograph a waterfall scene differently than the last thousand photographers who photographed it. Many of the easily accessible waterfalls in the White Mountains have been captured from every possible angle, so trying to find a different perspective can be a tough task for any photographer. 

Twin Brook along the Bolles Trail in Albany, New Hampshire.
Twin Brook – Albany, New Hampshire

I find focusing on the lines and curves of the water bouncing off the rocks produces an interesting and unique scene. The fluctuation of water over the rocks makes each shoot just a little different from the last one. Give it a try on your next waterfall visit.

Crawford Notch State Park - Willey Brook in Harts Location, New Hampshire USA. The best time to photograph this waterfall is on a gray overcast day when even light covers the waterfall.
Willey Brook – Harts Location, New Hampshire

Know of any cool water features in the White Mountains? I am always interested in unknown waterfalls or cascades, so lets hear about them! View more photographs of waterfalls in the White Mountains here.

Happy image making..


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