Lafayette Brook Scenic Area, Franconia

Lafayette Brook Scenic Area during the summer months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. Old growth forest can be found in the Lafayette Brook Scenic Area.
Lafayette Brook Scenic Area from the Franconia Bike Path

Lafayette Brook Scenic Area – The officially designated Lafayette Brook Scenic Area is in Franconia, New Hampshire; part of the White Mountains. Consisting of 990 acres, it has a remoteness to it that is comparable to the Pemigewasset Wilderness. The V shape of the valley is likely the reason as to why the area has a secluded feeling.

The photographic subject matter varies from an old growth forest on the backside of Eagle Cliff to a scenic waterfall (on Lafayette Brook) deep in the valley. It's also a great place to explore different forest communities. Explorations of this scenic area usually start at the old bridge that crosses Lafayette Brook on the north end of the Franconia Bike Path. But for the more adventurous, study a map of the area for other options.

Birch Tree during the summer months at Lafayette Brook Scenic Area in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Lafayette Brook Scenic Area – Old Growth Yellow Birch

Some of the old yellow birches in the lower section of the valley are worth seeing even if you have no interest in photographing the scenic area. They are cool looking weathered trees that have survived many harsh winters and numerous natural events. An amazing site! And while this scenic area is “wild", be forewarned, man has left his mark in this valley. So if you're looking for a scenic area with no human impact look elsewhere.

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