Greenleaf Hut, Mount Lafayette

Greenleaf Hut with Mount Lafayette in the background in the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire.
Greenleaf Hut – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Greenleaf Hut, Mount Lafayette – Some love' em and some hate' em! I have listened to some very heated debates over the years as to why the huts should or should not exist. Personally, I believe they offer travelers an excellent opportunity to explore the mountain region. And they do make make great photo subjects.

One of the more picturesque huts in the White Mountains hut system is the Greenleaf Hut on the side of Mount Lafayette. The hut opened in July 1930 (+/-) and was named in honor of Colonel Charles Henry Greenleaf, who ran the Profile House in Franconia Notch.

Appalachian Trail - Greenleaf Hut from North Lafayette, which is in the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire, USA. Eagle Lake is in the foreground.
Eagle Lake – Greenleaf Hut, New Hampshire

Greenleaf Hut can be seen from many vantage points on Mount Lafayette, and one of the better views is from North Lafayette (above), along the Appalachian Trail. Eagle Lake is an interesting feature located next to the hut.

Cannon Mountain during the winter from Greenleaf Trail near the summit of Mount Lafayette in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA. Greenleaf Hut is in the foreground.
Greenleaf Hut – White Mountains, New Hampshire

With so many vantage points, a photographer can easily produce a pleasing image of this hut. All of the above images can be licensed for publications by clicking on the image you are interested in. And you can view more images of Greenleaf Hut here.

Happy image making..


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