Davis Path, AMC Trail Work

Presidential Range-Dry River Wilderness - Trail Reconstruction sign along Davis Path during the summer months in Hadley's Purchase, New Hampshire.
Davis Path Reconstruction – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Davis Path, AMC Trail Work – In July of 2012, I had the opportunity to hike into the Dry River Wilderness in the New Hampshire White Mountains to photograph stonework that is being built along the Davis Path. A professional AMC Trail crew, with the help of volunteers, is working on a trail project repairing heavy erosion damage along a section of Davis Path.

With the use of low impact practices and adhering to trail maintenance guidelines, this trail crew is doing an outstanding job repairing the trail. The stonework looks excellent, blends in well with its surroundings, and should last for years. The care being taken to conserve Davis Path is awesome. Kudos to the trail crew! 

Trail Work Presidential Range-Dry River Wilderness - Newly built stone steps along the Davis Path during the summer months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. This is a example of how a professional AMC trail crew does low impact stone work.
Stonework along Davis Path – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Stones have been perfectly placed, and great care looks to have been taken to ensure the stone steps will not move after just a few months of use. After photographing this work, its obvious why only the professional trail crews should be doing stonework along the trail system. I highly recommend hiking the Davis Path to see what professionally built stonework looks like it. It is some of the best I have seen in the White Mountains.

A newly built stone staircase along Davis Path in the White Mountains of New Hampshire during the summer months. This is the work of a professional AMC trail crew.
Stonework along Davis Path – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Like the Pemigewasset Wilderness Bridge Removal project, the ones involved in the Davis Path project will never be publicly known. And more than likely they do not want recognition for their part in this project. These are the real stewards of the White Mountains. As an environmental photographer, I love seeing positive trail stewardship like this erosion project.

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