Kanc 7 Landing Area, Photo Monitoring

Photo Monitoring - Regrowth (foreground) of forest three months after a controlled burn in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
August 2011 – No Landing Area Yet

Kanc 7 Timber Harvest Landing Area, Photo Monitoring – The photos included in this blog article show how a parcel of land in the area of Forest Road 510 along the Kancamagus Highway in the New Hampshire White Mountains has changed over time. The first image (above), taken in August 2011, three months after Forest Service did a controlled burn here, shows how this land parcel looked before it was transformed into a landing area for the Kanc 7 Timber Harvest Project. And the last image is from Auugst 2014.

I am using a technique known as photo monitoring to document this parcel of land. Photo monitoring consists of repeat photography of an area over a period of time. And the ending result is an interesting visual journal that showcases the environmental changes of a particular area.

Landing in the area of Unit 33 of the Kanc 7 Timber Harvest project in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
May 2012 – Kanc 7 Landing Area

In May 2012, the parcel of land became one of the landing areas (above) for the Kanc 7 timber harvest project. A landing area is where cut logs that were dragged out of the woods are stored until they are loaded onto trucks.

Photo Monitoring - Landing of the Kanc 7 timber harvest project in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
August 2014 – Kanc 7 Landing Area

I wasn't able to create an image of the site in 2013 because of unforeseen issues. But I did visit the site again in August 2014 (above), and to my surprise, the vegetation was slowly recovering, and new growth was already visible. And campers are now using the dirt road as a camping area – see the firewood and fire ring in the road.

I am using the photo monitoring technique more and more in my work and find it very useful for documenting environmental changes in the White Mountains. The visual journal it creates eliminates the need for long drawn out commentary that is usually needed when creating awareness for environmental issues.

Happy image making..


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