December Scenes, White Mountains

Forest on the northern slopes of Mount Jim in Kinsman Notch of Woodstock, New Hampshire USA during the winter months.
Mount Jim – Kinsman Notch, New Hampshire

December Scenes , White Mountains – Much of New Hampshire is snow free, but the White Mountains and the Great North woods are covered in snow. December has had some interesting weather, and many of the notches and higher elevations have enough snow for snowshoeing. It has been a fun few weeks!

December means it is time for me to close the books on 2014, and prepare for the 2015 season. I also spent much of this month shipping out White Mountains calendars, and my field time is very local and limited. For some reason, I am a few days ahead of schedule this year, which is always a good thing.

Franconia Notch State Park - Boathouse covered in snow at Echo Lake in Franconia, New Hampshire.
Echo Lake – Franconia, New Hampshire

For me, shooting local, means the Kinsman and Franconia Notches. Both of these notches offer incredible opportunities for photographers. Above is the new boathouse at Echo Lake in Franconia Notch. It looks pretty cool covered in snow, and I am pretty sure I could live in it!

Franconia Notch State Park - Cannon Mountain from along the Pemi Trail in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Cannon Cliffs – Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire

December is also the month I share my ten favorite images from the year. A very similar image of Cannon Cliffs (above) in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire is one of my favorite images from the year. You can see my ten favorite images from 2014 here.

Near the Hugh J Gallen memorial parking lot in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire USA during the late months of autumn.
Hugh J Gallen Memorial Road – Franconia, New Hampshire

Many parts of the White Mountains are covered in snow. The northern half of Franconia Notch has looked incredible over the last few weeks. Lafayette Brook Scenic Area was beautiful on the day I visited. The ski glades (below) behind Eagle Cliff were picture perfect.

Lafayette Brook Scenic Area in Franconia, New Hampshire USA after a snow storm.
Lafayette Brook Scenic Area – Franconia, New Hampshire

I'm going to end the 2014 year by saying thank you to everybody that continues to support me. Your positive feedback pushes me to be a better photographer. Hopefully, I can bring you new and exciting imagery in 2015. Happy Holidays and Thank you for a great year!

Happy image making..


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