Scenes of January, New Hampshire

Twin Brook in Albany, New Hampshire during the winter month of January.
Twin Brook – Albany, New Hampshire

Scenes of January, New Hampshire – Even though we are in the month of January, there is little snow in the New Hampshire White Mountains, and we still have not had any major snow storms. Hopefully, this will change in the near future. Outdoor enthusiasts and photographers don't have to worry though because there is enough snow to make the landscape interesting.

With the holidays behind us, I am back in full operation, and I have spent a number of days this month in the field shooting. I am excited to create new imagery this year, and I can’t wait to visit some new places. Most days when I head out into the field I have a backup shooting location just in case the first location does not pan out. And this month I have had to resort to backup locations a number of times, and it worked out for the best.

Pitcher Falls during the month of January in Albany, New Hampshire. This waterfall is located next to Champney Falls along the Champney Falls Trail.
Pitcher Falls – Albany, New Hampshire

On one January day I was headed for Mount Chocorua and the Three Sisters but instead visited Pitcher Falls (above) in Albany. Pitcher Falls is located next to Champney Falls along Champney Falls Trail and during the winter months, when everything is frozen over, ice climbers hang out here. There were no ice climbers on my visit, but I had a great time photographing the frozen waterfall.

The Lower Pool at Sabbaday Falls in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire during the winter month of January. These falls are located off the Kancamagus Highway White Mountains.
Sabbaday Falls – Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

On the day I visited Pitcher Falls, I also visited Sabbaday Falls in Waterville Valley. These falls are located off the Kancamagus Highway, and during the winter months the ice builds up on the gorge walls in the Lower Pool area (above). A visit to Sabbaday Falls during the winter months is always an enjoyable one.

January 2016 - The Mount Tecumseh Trail (ski side), from the parking lot to the summit, in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire now been blazed / marked with reflective metal tacks.
Mt Tecumseh Trail – Reflective Trail Marker Tack Above Blaze

I also hiked Mt Tecumseh this month during the night from the ski side. And to my surprise, the Tecumseh Trail has now been blazed, all the way to the summit, with reflective trail marker tacks. You can see one of these reflective tacks in the above image (above trail blaze). These reflective tacks are almost unnoticeable in daylight.

From what I understand, this is not proper blazing, and when I contacted the law enforcement division of Forest Service they told me they were made aware of the reflective tacks during the fall season. Barefoot hikers may want to be careful this summer when on this trail because stepping on one of these tacks will hurt.

Eagle Cliff from along the Pemi Trail in Franconia Notch State Park of the New Hampshire White Mountains during the winter month of January.
Pemi Trail – Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire

I spent one day this month shooting landscapes in Franonia Notch State Park and spent a few hours shooting along the Pemi Trail. The Pemi Trail runs along the side of the Pemigewasset River, and it offers an excellent view of Eagle Cliff (above) and Cannon Cliff.

All of the above images can be licensed for publications by clicking on the image you are interested in. And you can view more new images from the month of January here.

Happy image making..


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2 Responses to “Scenes of January, New Hampshire”

  1. Devin

    I just wanted to shoot you a message thanking you for all the information you provide in your blogs and photos of the mountains in N.H. Im eager to start hiking NH this summer, after recovering from a back injury- requiring a fusion that, by myself, was able to avoid by walking, and now, my new love, hiking.

    Your photos make me eager to explore all NH has to offer! Your photos are breath-taking! Kudos! Keep exploring 🙂

    • Erin Paul Donovan

      Thank you for your kind words Devin. I am glad you enjoy my photos and blog posts. Take care of your back and enjoy exploring New Hampshire.  🙂


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