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Birch Island Brook, Lincoln New Hampshire

Birch Island Brook in Lincoln, New Hampshire USA near Ice Pond.
Birch Island Brook – Lincoln, New Hampshire

Birch Island Brook Falls, Lincoln Looking at the above image of Birch Island Brook, near Ice Pond, in Lincoln, New Hampshire you would never think there would be a small picturesque waterfall along it. But you know the old saying, looks can be deceiving.

Over the years, I have explored numerous brooks in the White Mountains and have realized that the many of them have interesting features that offer unique photography opportunities. Birch Island Brook is an excellent example of this. And today I want to share a few scenes from along the brook with you.

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Woodstock, NH – Still Autumn

Tributary of Lost River – Woodstock, New Hampshire  

There still is autumn color to be found. You just have to look for it. The above image is along a tributary of Lost River in Woodstock, New Hampshire USA on a rainy overcast day.

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Lincoln Woods Trail – Stream

Lincoln Woods - Stream on the side of Lincoln Woods Trail  in Lincoln, New Hampshire USA (Erin Paul Donovan)
Lincoln Woods Trail – Small Stream

Along the Lincoln Woods Trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is a small stream that I have walked past countless times over the years when heading into the Pemi Wilderness. For one reason or another I have never given it a second look. Most of the time harsh light or being on a time frame (to get to a location) is the reason.

A few weeks ago the stream looked perfect. Better than some waterfalls I have photographed. I have never seen it look so inviting. You can see more brook and stream images here.

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