Birch Island Brook, Lincoln New Hampshire

Birch Island Brook in Lincoln, New Hampshire USA near Ice Pond.
Birch Island Brook – Lincoln, New Hampshire

Birch Island Brook Falls, Lincoln Looking at the above image of Birch Island Brook, near Ice Pond, in Lincoln, New Hampshire you would never think there would be a small picturesque waterfall along it. But you know the old saying, looks can be deceiving.

Over the years, I have explored numerous brooks in the White Mountains and have realized that the many of them have interesting features that offer unique photography opportunities. Birch Island Brook is an excellent example of this. And today, I want to share a few scenes from along the brook with you.

Remnants of a wooden sled road bridge, near Ice Pond, that crosses a brook in Lincoln, New Hampshire USA. This area was part of Camp 7 during the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad era, which was a logging railroad in operation from 1893-1948.
Birch Island Brook – Lincoln, New Hampshire

This brook is in East Branch & Lincoln Railroad (1893-1948) territory, and artifacts from the railroad era remain in the area. One of the more interesting artifacts is the cribbing (above) near logging Camp 7. The large spikes that hold the cribbing together can be seen in the above photo.

Brook in Lincoln, New Hampshire.
Birch Island Brook Falls – Lincoln, New Hampshire

Continuing up the brook, you eventually come to an area that some refer to as Birch Island Brook Falls (above). These falls are in a small, but interesting gorge. There are usually a lot of blowdowns along this section of the brook, which makes it a challenge to photograph the falls. The above scene is the best section of the falls, and they look incredible after heavy rains.

Brook in Lincoln, New Hampshire USA during the winter months.
Birch Island Brook – Lincoln, New Hampshire

Just above the falls is another interesting cascade that is perfect for dipping your feet in. During the winter months (above), the snow cover creates a peaceful winter scene. And during the summer months (below), the moss covered rocks creates a lush forest scene.

Some refer to this area as “Shangri-La”. It is unknown why the area was dubbed this, but there looks to have been a building, maybe a cabin, on a small knoll next to the brook. There is also a wooden side arm bracket nailed to a tree, which suggests telephone lines may have been in the area.

Birch Island Brook in Lincoln, New Hampshire USA during the summer months.
Birch Island Brook – Lincoln, New Hampshire

The natural beauty of Birch Island Brook makes it easy to create a pleasing photograph that showcases the landscape of the White Mountains. And though the brook is close to the Black Pond Trail, nature lovers will find plenty of solitude along it.

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