Forgotten Town History

Forgotten town history, New Hampshire White Mountains; The history of many towns in the White Mountains dates back to the 1700s, and since then interesting places within these towns have been forgotten about. And many of these forgotten places were tourist attractions during the 1800s and 1900s. This work focuses on the interesting history and forgotten places within the towns, grants, locations, purchases, and townships in the White Mountains region and surrounding area.

Forgotten Lincoln, New Hampshire

Little Coolidge Mountain - Lincoln, New Hampshire
Forgotten Lincoln, New Hampshire - On January 31, 1764, Governor Benning Wentworth granted 24,000 acres of land to James Avery of Connecticut and others. Avery was also granted the town of Landaff on the same day. None of the grantees lived in Lincoln, and it is likely that they never ...

Forgotten Woodstock, New Hampshire

Loon Pond Mountain Cascades - Woodstock, New Hampshire
Forgotten Woodstock, New Hampshire - Chartered in 1763 by Governor Benning Wentworth, the town of Woodstock was first incorporated as Peeling. The charter, consisting of 25,000 acres, was granted to Eli Demerit and others and was divided into ninety-eight equal shares. In 1771, the land was re-granted to Nathaniel Cushman ...

Forgotten White Mountains

Camp 14 - East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, New Hampshire
Forgotten White Mountains - When most think about the New Hampshire White Mountains, the beauty of the region first comes to mind. The mighty Mount Washington rules the Presidential Range and keeps visitors of the area busy for hours. And during the winter months, ski areas offer an unforgettable view ...

Annual Celebration of Lupines, Sugar Hill

Photos of the Sugar Hill Lupine Festival in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire USA during the spring months
Annual Celebration of Lupines, Sugar Hill - If you are visiting the White Mountains region in the month of June and are looking for a location to photograph, the fields of Lupine in Sugar Hill should suit your needs. The Annual Celebration of Lupines is held in the month of ...