Designated Wilderness Areas, New Hampshire

Designated wilderness areas, the Pemi Wilderness from Zeacliff Mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Pemigewasset Wilderness – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Designated Wilderness Areas, New Hampshire – In 2012, an article Wilderness Under Siege by The Wilderness Society was an eye-opening read about how the 112th Congress was introducing bills that could forever change the well being of America's public lands and wilderness. Conservation NH also complied a list of New Hampshire bills in 2012 all thought to be anti-conservation, dubbed "The Dirty Dozen Bills".

Lastly, a Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 was drafted geared towards designated wilderness areas in New Hampshire. The possible removal of another footbridge in the Pemigewasset Wilderness was the likely motive behind this useless, nonconforming resolution.

Trail blazing along the Mt Tecumseh Trail in the New Hampshire White Mountains.
Mt Tecumseh Trail (2011) – White Mountains, New Hampshire

One section of the Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 regarding trail blazing stood out to me. It suggested trail blazing should be in all parts of the White Mountain National Forest, including designated wilderness areas.

The resolution references wilderness experience and solitude of designated wilderness areas, but then demands trail blazing needs to be in these same wilderness areas. Trail blazing painted all over trees does not equal wilderness experience or solitude.

Trail blazing along the Mount Tecumseh Trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Improper / Excessive Trail Blazing (2011) – Mt Tecumseh Trail, New Hampshire

I don’t want to see unsightly and excessive trail blazing throughout New Hampshire's designated wilderness areas. Designated wilderness areas are defined as natural areas untrammeled by man. Trail blazing does not fall into "natural". See the Wilderness Act for the definition of Wilderness (Section 2(c)).

Scenic views of Mount Washington (snow-capped) from Franconoa Ridge in the White Mountains, New Hampshire
Pemigewasset Wilderness – 45,000 Acres of Solitude

Reality is hikers have been making their way through New Hampshire’s designated wilderness areas for years without the need of trail blazing. The lack of human impact is the very reason why many visit these areas.

If some groups get their way the process of destroying New Hampshire’s wild places will start again. Make your voice heard by calling, e-mailing and writing your lawmakers. Do not let the anti-conservationists destroy New Hampshire's wild places! New Hampshire Conservation Advocates are in demand.

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