Change of Plans – White Mountains

Compass on rocks in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA (ScenicNH Photography LLC | Erin Paul Donovan)
Compass on Rocks – White Mountains, NH USA 

Back in December I planned my 2013 shooting schedule. All I needed to do was complete a month long assignment in January, then I would be traveling the rest of the year. Well, because of unforeseen issues there has been a change of plans! I will be spending the remaining 2013 season shooting only the White Mountains region of New England. This is very unexpected, and I'm now in need of a few photo subjects.

Please review the photo needs list below. If you are interested in being a model or have seen any of these issues in your travels let me know. I pay for models in exchange for a signed model release.

– Current Photo Needs – 

1) Fly Fisherman – Fishing the brooks & rivers of the White Mountains.

2) Hikers – Hiking the White Mountains trail system.

3) Trail Work – Trail maintainers working the White Mountains trail system.

4) Cascades & Waterfalls – Waterscapes that go unnoticed in the Mountain region. See examples here.

5) Abandoned Dwellings & Sites –  On public land (can't trespass) in Mountain region. See examples here.

6) Painted Trail Blazing – Interested mostly in painted trail blaze removal. Both good and bad removal.

7) Heavily impacted areas from backcountry camping. See examples of camping impact here.

8) Anything you feel is an environmental issue in the White Mountains. I'm interested in hearing about it. 

Feel free to send me an email if you don't want to comment publicly. If making reference to an environmental issue, as a professional I guarantee confidentiality no matter the outcome.  

I will be updating this list over the next month or so. 

Happy image making…. 

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