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Scenic view from Chapel Rock on Pine Mountain in Gorham, Hampshire USA during the autumn months.
Chapel Rock – Pine Mountain, Hampshire

I have been on the road much of October shooting autumn foliage, and with the exception of just one foliage update, I have not had time to write any blog posts. So today I am going to direct you to a new resource page on ScenicNH Photography. It is mostly for my own use and for photographers visiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but hikers and outdoor enthusiasts may find it interesting.

As an environmental photographer, I use many websites for planning photography excursions and for doing research on the White Mountains. I waste a lot of time scrolling through my web browser favorites looking for particular websites. So to make my life a little easier I have put links to all the websites I use onto one page.

Click here to be taken to the White Mountains, New Hampshire Resource Page
White Mountains, New Hampshire Resource Page

The White Mountains resource page lists credible resources. A credible resource is any group, organization, persons, or website that can verify any information they promote. If you stumbled onto this page while doing some form of research, keep in mind groups and persons genuinely concerned about environmental issues won't hide behind IP addresses & nameless websites. I know this is common sense, but it is worth mentioning.

The White Mountains resource page is a work progress, but I hope to add more interesting links to it in the future. You can find a permanent link to it on the right column of the blog, under resources. For now, view the resource page here.

Happy image making..


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