February, White Mountains

Franconia Ridge at night blue hour from Greenleaf Trail on Mount Lafayette in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the winter months.
Blue Hour – Mount Lafayette, New Hampshire

February, White Mountains – Much like January, February has been a very cold month to be out shooting in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The wind-chills have been brutal this month, and my cold weather gear has been getting a workout. Staying warm and keeping the camera gear working in subzero temperatures has been a challenge all month. As of this writing, February is on track to be the second coldest February in New Hampshire since weather observers started keeping records in the 1800s.

I have learned over the years that February weather in the White Mountains is no joke and needs to be taken seriously. The unpredictable New England weather patterns usually make this one of the toughest months to be outdoors creating imagery of the mountain environment.

Sunset from Greenleaf Trail on Mount Lafayette in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the winter months.
Sunset – Mount Lafayette, New Hampshire

This month I spent a day on Franconia Ridge shooting around Mount Lafayette and along the Old Bridle Path. The views from Franconia Ridge during the winter are some of the best in the White Mountains. I don’t think I will ever grow tired of watching the sunset (above) from a mountain ridge.

Beaver Brook Shelter along the Appalachian Trail (Beaver Brook Trail), on the north side of Mount Moosilauke, in Kinsman Notch of the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the winter months. This shelter is an Adirondack-style shelter, sleeps 8 hikers, and was built in 1993/1994.
Beaver Brook Shelter – Appalachian Trail, New Hampshire

If you watch the local New Hampshire TV stations more than likely you have heard the weather gurus say Franconia Notch has it own weather pattern. Well, Kinsman Notch also has its own weather pattern. The snow piles up and the wind blows through Kinsman Notch like no where else in the White Mountains. The snow build up on the roof of Beaver Brook shelter (above) looks awesome!

Beaver Pond in Kinsman Notch of the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the winter months. Jakey's Crag is in the background.
Jakey's Crag – Kinsman Notch, New Hampshire

I spent four, very cold, February days shooting in Kinsman Notch, and much of the time I was snowshoeing through waist and knee deep snow. On my last day in Kinsman Notch I was rewarded with a great view of the rocky outcrop above Beaver Pond. I have really enjoyed shooting in this area over the last few years.

February 2015 - Scenic view from the summit of Mount Tecumseh in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire USA during the winter months. View shedding (unauthorized cutting) has improved the summit view. Forest Service has verified the cutting is unauthorized.
Blowing Snow – Mt Tecumseh, New Hampshire

To end the month, I documented the summit viewpoint (above) on Mt Tecumseh in Waterville Valley. As you look at this image, please keep in mind that I am not promoting the “new” view in anyway. This image is part of a visual journal intended to create awareness for the ongoing environmental vandalism on Mt Tecumseh.

All of the above images can be licensed for publications by clicking on the image you are interested in, and you can view more images from the month of February here.

Happy image making..


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