Greenleaf Trail, Mount Lafayette

Rock steps along Greenleaf Trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire USA during the summer months. A path has formed on the right hand side to avoid the stone steps.
Greenleaf Trail – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Greenleaf Trail, Mount Lafayette – Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the 3.8 mile long Greenleaf Trail is named for Colonel Charles Henry Greenleaf, once owner of the Profile House in Franconia Notch. And the Greenleaf Hut is also named in his honor.

The Greenleaf Trail begins in Franconia Notch at the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway parking lot; it travels through an interesting forest, passes by Greenleaf Hut, and eventually ends on the summit of Mount Lafayette where a summit house once stood. And though the trail is located in a busy hiking area of the White Mountains it is lightly maintained. Hikers will actually feel like they are traversing a hiking trail.

Scenic view of Cannon Mountain from Eagle Pass in Franconia Notch of the White Mountains New Hampshire.
Eagle Pass – Greenleaf Trail, New Hampshire

One of the interesting features along the trail is Eagle Pass. The scenic view of Cannon Cliff from Eagle Pass is impressive! Once in the Pass, a photographer can scale a trailside boulder to see the above and below scenes, and yes you can setup a tripod on the boulder.

Franconia Notch State Park - Cannon Cliffs , which is on the side of Cannon Mountain in the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire.
Eagle Pass – Greenleaf Trail, New Hampshire

During the months of winter, the snow covered forest above Eagle Pass is picture perfect. The drawback is that the trail is not used a lot during the winter, and some times it needs to be broken out all the way to Greenleaf Hut. Something to keep in mind if you are carrying lots of heavy camera gear.

Cannon Mountain during the winter from Greenleaf Trail near the summit of Mount Lafayette in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA. Greenleaf Hut is in the foreground.
Greenleaf Hut – Greenleaf Trail, New Hampshire

If you don’t like forest scenes don’t worry, because when the Greenleaf Trail breaks out into the alpine zone it is view overload. Landscape photographers will have a field day shooting the endless mountain scenes. I do have to admit, even after all these years, I still am in awe of the beautiful landscape along this trail. For the history buffs, if you know where to look along the trail will you find some interesting history.

Pemigewasset Wilderness from Mount Lafayette during the winter months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA. Mount Garfield in above the cliffs and the northern end of Owls Head Mountain is on the right out of view. The foreground was logged during the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad era, which as was a logging railroad in operation from 1893 - 1948.
View from Mount Lafayette – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Greenleaf Trails ends on the summit of Mount Lafayette, which offers 360 degrees of spectacular views. The view into the Pemigewasset Wilderness (above) leaves most speechless. On a personal note, I have yet to find an area in the White Mountains that has more blowdowns than the area below Garfield Cliff (above, on left). It is beautiful backcountry below Mount Garfield, in the Pemi, but very rugged.

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