Scenes of December, New Hampshire

Cannon Mountain from Echo Lake in Franconia Notch State Park of New Hampshire during the month of December.
Cannon Mountain – Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

Scenes of December, New Hampshire – If you live in New England, I don’t have to explain the weather we have had during the month of December. We have had Christmas without snow this year, and most of December has been warmer than normal. The weather has been crazy this month! The good news here in the White Mountains is that we are expecting our first winter storm tomorrow (Tuesday). And yes the above scene is from this month.

I shut down every December for two weeks for some much needed rest and recuperation and also to spend time with family and friends during the holidays. I also use this time to tie up loose business ends from the year and to prepare for a new year. And the actual time I spend out in the field shooting this month is very limited.

Tunnel Brook in Benton, New Hampshire USA during the winter months. Based on an 1860 historical map of Grafton County this was probably the site of the Brown & Whitcher Saw Mill.
Tunnel Brook – Benton, New Hampshire

I spent a day this month in the area of Tunnel Brook in Benton, New Hampshire. With the little snow this month I was able to document a few more abandoned historic sites in this area. Based on an 1860 historical map of Grafton County the above location along Tunnel Brook was probably the site of the Brown & Whitcher Saw Mill.

Dearth Brook Falls in Landaff, New Hampshire covered in snow during the winter months. This brook is located on the side of the Cobble Hill Trail.
Dearth Brook Falls – Landaff, New Hampshire

I have taken advantage of the snow-less December to explore settlements in Landaff, New Hampshire that I will be documenting in the summer of 2016. One settlement is near the Cobble Hill Trail, along Route 112, and a short ways up the trail is a small cascade on Dearth Brook thought to be Dearth Brook Falls (above).

Abandoned car at the site of the old North Woodstock Civilian Conservation Corps Camp in North Woodstock, New Hampshire.
Civilian Conservation Corps Camp – North Woodstock, New Hampshire

I spent one of the many warm December days we have had at the abandoned Civilian Conservation Corps Camp (above) in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. These abandoned sites are very photogenic, and they help tell the story of the White Mountain National Forest. I have always enjoyed coming across abandoned vehicles in the forest. There's so much mystery as to why they were left in the forest.

This is the image for January in the 2016 White Mountains New Hampshire calendar. A winter hiker ascends the Air Line Trail in extreme weather conditions in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Air Line Trail – January 2016 White Mountains Calendar

I know many outdoor enthusiasts, including myself, are patiently waiting for snow this winter season so I want to end my final blog article of the year with the scene that represents January in my 2016 White Mountains calendar. I still do have some calendars left and for ordering information, see the products page here.

All of the above images can be licensed for publications by clicking on the image you are interested in, and you can view more new images from the month of December here.

Happy New Year and happy image making..


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Erin Paul is a professional photographer who specializes in environmental conservation and historic preservation photography in the New Hampshire White Mountains. His work is published worldwide, and credits include; Backpacker Magazine, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and The Wilderness Society.

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