Mountain Reflections, New Hampshire

Reflection of mountains in Saco Lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Saco Lake – Carroll, New Hampshire

Mountain Reflections, New Hampshire – I have always thought the perfect New Hampshire landscape scene includes a mountain, a lake or pond, and clouds reflecting in the water. I think including all three of these elements in a scene makes for an interesting and unique photograph. And one of the bonuses of these types of photos is cloud formations are usually different day to day, so no two images are identical.

To pick a favorite mountain reflection photo from my image archive would take me many hours so instead of doing that I am going to post a few locations that have excellent reflection scenes. These locations may interest hikers, photographers, and visitors exploring the New Hampshire White Mountains.

Reflections at Chocorua Lake in New Hampshire.
Chocorua Lake – Tamworth, New Hampshire

One of the more well known mountain reflection scenes can be found in Tamworth at Chocorua Lake. Early in the morning, late in the afternoon, and during the night, when the water is calm, the reflection of Mount Chocorua (above) is awesome. A cropped version of the above image represents August in my 2016 New Hampshire wall calendar. And you can view it here.

Wetlands area along Beaver Brook in Bethlehem, New Hampshire.
Beaver Brook – Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Along the old Gale River Railroad (1874-1878) in Bethlehem there is a wetlands area along Beaver Brook that has an interesting mountain view (above). The view is very simple, but photographers with an open mind will enjoy it. From 1879-1921 the Profile & Franconia Notch Railroad used this section of railroad to service the Profile House in Franconia Notch. And more than likely this was the view passengers had.

Reflection of Mt Washington in Lakes of the Clouds along the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire.
Lakes of the Clouds – Appalachian Trail, New Hampshire

Lakes of the Clouds (above) will interest photographers who prefer to hike to a beautiful mountain reflection scene. This alpine pond is near Lakes of the Clouds hut along the Appalachian Trail in the Presidential Range. The reflection of Mt Washington (above) is mesmerizing! And after you finish photographing the ponds you can continue hiking to the summit of Mt Washington.

Cherry Mountain from Moorhen Marsh along the Cohos Trail in Jefferson, New Hampshire.
Cherry Mountain – Jefferson, New Hampshire

One my favorite reflection scenes is along the Presidential Range Rail Trail (Cohos Trail) at Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson. I can sit on the side of the Cohos Trail for hours enjoying this reflection of Cherry Mountain (above) in Moorhen Marsh.

All of the above images can be licensed for publications by clicking on the image you are interested in. And you can view more landscape images of mountain reflections here.

Happy image making..


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